RESIST – A Mixtape

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[instructions for the revolution]

[artwork by John Ortiz (jgrafx.studios)]

Hello friends!

I want to share with you a project I’ve been working on for the last few weeks.  I felt that I needed to use my platform to push back against the actions and rhetoric of the new so-called administration.  This mixtape is just one small part of a larger social contribution I have vowed to make, until things are set right in the world.  This is by no means a complete, or comprehensive collection of resistance or protest songs.  This is just a few songs, speeches, and anecdotes that felt important and sentimental to me at this current point in our history. I want to keep the heat turned up on this movement in any way I can- whether thats tweeting my senators and congressmen, or supporting real, free, independent journalism outlets and newspapers online and sharing them widely, or sharing the music of the resistance.  I also want this to be a true representation of myself, excellent and thoughtful music, awareness of the current state of things, and preparation for things to come.

This mix is called ‘Resist’.  It spans many different eras and genres of music, but like not unlike myself, finds its root in hip hop.  Music itself, and especially hip hop, has always been a voice for resistance, social justice, awareness, and protest.

Please enjoy this mix! Please share it far and wide with anyone and everyone you wish to!  Please seek out and support projects like this one, and all movements related to resisting and protesting injustice and hatred in our world.  Its never too late to turn things around and keep on the path of positivity and peace!  This is just the beginning!

Take care,

Matt aka DJ Trayze

‘Resist’ – A mixtape [instructions for the revolution]

mixtape link:

special thanks to my friend John Ortiz at @jgrafx.studios for the artwork!

track list:

Trayze ‘Very Strange Things’ Intro

Impeach The PresidentThe Honeydrippers

Impeach Break – Four Color Zack

I CanNas

Mind PowerJames Brown

People Of The SunRage Against The Machine

No Fear Interlude

We The PeopleA Tribe Called Quest

The Coup The Coup (Trayze Breakdown)

Too LateReflection Eternal

The Word Junk Yard Band

Police State Interlude

Police State (Trayze Keep It Thoro Blend) – Dead Prez

The PeopleCommon

Love Theme (A Time For Us) – Peter Nero

CNN Interlude

A Better Tomorrow Wu-Tang Clan

America Ferrera ‘Fight Together’ Interlude

What Goes AroundNas

Lost OnesLauryn Hill

Paint The White House Black George Clinton feat. Ice Cube & Kam

Jessie Williams Interlude

Come Down (Remix) – Anderson Paak feat. T.I.

Mathematics (Trayze Recognize Blend) – Mos Def feat DJ Premier

Twisted Sister Radio Interlude

Muhammad Ali Interlude

Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater Revival (Trayze Remaster)

T.I. FDT Interlude

Fuck YouLily Allen (Trayze FDT Flip)

Revolution Part 1 Nina Simone

Hiii Power Kendrick Lamar

Cell Therapy Goodie Mob

Black Steel In The Hour Of ChaosPublic Enemy

Made You Die (Made You Look / They Shootin) – Yasiin Bey feat Dead Prez & Mike Flo

Sound Of The Police / Trayze 5-0 Break KRS-One

If I Ruled The World (Hot Damage Remix) – Nas feat Lauryn Hill

Fall In Love (Remix) (Trayze King Of NY Flip) – Estelle feat Nas

Fuck Donald Trump (1 & 2) YG & Nipsey Hussle feat Macklemore

Check Yo Self (The Message Remix) – Ice Cube

The MessageGrandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Not My President X T.R.O.Y. Interlude

Around My Way (Freedom Aint Free)Lupe Fiasco

War Edwin Starr

Teach The ChildrenEric B. & Rakim

Self DestructionThe Stop The Violence Movement

Aziz Ansari Angry People Interlude

Free Your Mind En Vogue

Saul Williams Interlude

All 4 Tha CashGang Starr

National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix) – Lana Del Rey

W.A.R. – Pharoahe Monch feat Immortal Technique

Changes Tupac Shakur

Renegades Of Funk Rage Against The Machine

White Privilege II (Trayze Blood In The Streets Interlude) – Jamila Woods (& Macklemore)

Fight The Power Public Enemy

America Ferrera Resist Interlude

For What Its Worth (Doc Adam ReDrum) – Buffalo Springfield

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. ‘1st Amendment’ Interlude

Get By (Trayze Edit) Talib Kweli feat. Anny Dobson & Chinua Hawk & Kendra Ross & Vernetta Bobien & William Taylor & Nina Simone

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. – We Shall Overcome

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